IZZE taste agents

We have a number of taste agents in cities across the US. Learn more about each of them here.

Eileen O’Dowd

Eileen O’Dowd

Favorite IZZE: Peach

Region: New York

I have: A fantastic life with my sweetheart, friends and family.

I identify with: Free spirits and those who love their lives.

My childhood was spent: Riding bikes and playing sports, listening to music and going to concerts, and creating and performing plays for the neighborhood.

Which led to: A mangled body, slight deafness in one ear and an inflated ego! Haha! Actually it led to a very well rounded life – one that is active and filled with creative inspiration.

Last great book I read: (Aloud to my Goddaughter) was Amanda Dreaming.

Because: It is the most beautiful children’s story ever!

Celebrity I admire most: Concert Promoter John Scher

Because: He produced some of the most amazing concerts and events of the 1990’s.

Most humbling moment: Being asked to be the Godmother to my niece Laurel Jean.

Song or album I play while drinking IZZE: Summertime Rolls by Jane’s Addiction

Five items I can’t live without: Chocolate, Nature’s Blessing pommade, my record collection, my beautiful Lance Armstrong Trek and of course, my peoples.

If I could: Buy a vineyard and open a winery with my sweetie, life would be grand.

Favorite NYC Neighborhood: Carroll Gardens, BK – Home Sweet Home!!!


Jeremy Greene

Favorite IZZE: Clementine

Region: Los Angeles

I have: A loving wife, a beautiful daughter and two awesome dogs.

I identify with: The finer things in life.

My childhood was spent: Playing sports, listening to music, making home movies, and watching my dad cook.

Which led to: tasty meals by me, killer iPod mixes, and moving to California.

Last great book I read: Born Standing Up by Steve Martin.

Because: Steve Martin is super cool.

Celebrity I admire most: Pierce Brosnan.

Because: Did you see “Thomas Crown Affair”?

Most humbling moment: Seeing my wife walk down the aisle and becoming a dad

Song or album I play while drinking IZZE: Just Jack – Overtones.

Five items I can’t live without: My chef’s knife, Music, cool sneakers, the Sun and my family.

If I could: I would play with food all day long.