Happy Thanksgiving from your friends at IZZE!

November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving is today and we wanted to refresh your memory on how to make IZZE part of this holiday weekend. Here are some suggestions.

• Put a new spin on what you drink with your turkey and pick a sparkling juice, like IZZE Sparkling Blackberry which has sweet and fruity notes. It enhances the taste of the meat and will be enjoyed by all.

• Warm lentils served over salad make a great vegetarian side. Pair this dish with IZZE Sparkling Peach to bring out its intricate flavors.

• Mix up a few signature IZZE cocktails, serve them in smaller glasses and pair them with a few favorite appetizers. Encourage guests to sample the appetizers with each of the drinks to enjoy the flavor to the fullest. Add a special touch to each of the cocktails by adding sugar to the rim of the glass or a garnish of berries. Use fancy silver picks to make the appearance even more special.

• Pair your activity with a beverage. For example, after a long day of football in the crisp cool air, a warm beverage is perfect. Try making hot cocoa with IZZE Sparkling Blackberry to give the coca an intense fruit flavor.

For full holiday recipes click here

Have a wonderful holiday! From your friends at IZZE.