May 22, 2012

Earlier this month, IZZE once again partner up with Unique Los Angles for this 4th Annual Spring Show. Over 18K guests joined us over the two days for what turned out to be the best show yet. If you are not familiar, Unique is an amazing show consisting of all things made here in America. Crafts, paintings, jewelry, food items, clothing, etc. Unique has something for everyone. This year it even featured internet sensation CAINE’S ARCADE! As usual, we were on hand to spread the IZZE love and hand out ice cold samples to any guests who were thirsty. Needless to say, it was hot out and there were lots of thirsty shoppers. We had an amazing time and are really looking forward to the next two shows coming up this summer! Unique SF is on the books for 6/31-7/1 at The Concourse and NYC will come soon after that. Check out their website (StateofUnique.com) for all the details. IZZE will definitely be on hand for both those shows. Until then here are some of our favorite pics from the Spring Show.