IZZE® Receives National Recognition for Its Low-Calorie IZZE esque® Line

SELF and FITNESS Award Sparkling Black Raspberry with Healthy Food Awards

BOULDER, Colo. (November 8, 2011)—IZZE® Beverage Company is excited to share two new awards the brand received for providing low-calorie, all-natural sparkling beverage options without sacrificing its great refreshing taste. Sparkling Black Raspberry, from the low-calorie IZZE esque line, received a Healthy Food Award from both FITNESS and SELF magazines this summer, recognizing the beverage’s refreshing taste and better-for-you ingredients.

The Black Raspberry flavor is perfectly captured in IZZE esque, which is composed of 25 percent pure fruit juice and sparkling water, making it easy to enjoy naturally low-calorie goodness. Sparkling Black Raspberry is one of four IZZE esque flavors with Sparkling Watermelon (New!), Sparkling Limon and Sparkling Mandarin, providing flavorful options for every palate. Every 12-ounce bottle of IZZE esque has just 50 calories and less than 14 grams of sugar that occur naturally in fruit juice, making it a refreshing choice for health-conscious drink seekers. As with original IZZE, IZZE esque is all natural and contains no refined sugars, caffeine, preservatives or artificial flavors.

SELF Magazine Healthy Food Award
SELF invited 115 hungry, health-savvy testers to sample 255 products. Hoping to find the best reader-tested, expert-approved supermarket staples, SELF generated a list of products that includes everything you need to eat right and love every bite! Recognized in the best of “Drinks” category, IZZE esque Sparkling Black Raspberry received a Healthy Food Award as a smart alternative to soda. According to SELF, “This blush-colored beverage, a refreshing blend of fruit juice and sparkling water, was the talk of the testers’ table. ‘It dominated in flavor and fizziness,’ one guzzler said.”

FITNESS Magazine’s 5th Annual Healthy Food Awards
For the fifth year in a row, hundreds of companies submitted more than 1,000 healthy snacks to FITNESS in search of the best sweet, salty and savory treats. Those foods that were low in calories, fat, saturated fat, sodium and added sugars made the first cut. Nutritionists sorted through the more than 850 remaining products, analyzing the nutrition facts and ingredient labels to find the best-tasting options to satisfy any craving—and still keep you slim. After all the reviews were conducted, IZZE esque Sparkling Black Raspberry won a 2011 Healthy Food Award in the “Best Healthy Drinks” category from FITNESS. This is the second year in a row Black Raspberry esque has been given this award, and this year FITNESS described IZZE as “Fizzy meets fruit in a satisfying thirst quencher.”

About IZZE Beverage Company
IZZE Beverage Company was founded in 2002 by two friends who set out to create a distinctive natural beverage while contributing to a higher purpose and is based in Boulder, Colo. First introduced in four unique Sparkling Juice flavors, IZZE has since expanded to include IZZE Fortified, low-calorie IZZE esque and IZZE Sparkling Natural Soda. It is sold nationally in Target, Starbucks and Whole Foods Market as well as in a variety of grocery stores, delis and restaurants across the country. IZZE’s philanthropic focus is to improve people’s lives through education and to encourage literacy by providing books and educational opportunities to those in need. IZZE brings this focus to life through a partnership with Global Education Fund. For more information, visit www.IZZE.com.