WTB by Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund Fall 2011

February 21, 2011

IZZE’s sparkling presence at Style 360 brought me backstage to WTB by Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund Fall 2011 show. WTB (White Trash Beautiful) was started by Richie Sambora (lead guitarist for Bon Jovi) and Nikki Lund whom are both musicians and designers involved in this rock-chic brand. WTB Fall 2011 is filled with a lot of sparkling materials like metallic, glitter and lurex incorporated pieces with a splash of teal in the collection.

Here are some backstage photos of the scene before the show.

Nikki Lund was super cool, love her.

Models in gleaming metallics and lurex outfits.

Their were also a splash of teal in the collection as well.

Blazers were all sparkly and filled with glitter while the hooded dress were in a slick lurex material.

Model dancing her way backstage fresh from walking the runway.

She gave me face before hitting the runway. :)

Crowd cheering and clapping for Richie Sambora & Nikki Lund’s WTB as they walked down the runway.