Halloween is just a couple days away!

October 28, 2010

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at IZZE. We love the costumes, the treats and especially the parties. You know what is the perfect beverage for Halloween parties? IZZE of course. Here’s a tip…Sparkling Pomegranate is the perfect mixer for some deliciously bloody cocktails. We will be testing some of those cocktails out at a variety of events across the country. Here are a couple from NYC.

IZZE NYC will be sponsoring an event on Friday the 29th to support school arts programs. Alicia Goranson (Of Roseanne fame) will guest bartend at Mini Bar in Brooklyn from 8pm-2am. Bring unused art supplies for a free IZZE cocktail. Jos-L will be showing his work. Raffles and goodies all evening.

IZZE will also be sponsoring MASKARAVE. Featuring Supa DJ Dmitry of Dee-Lite, Frankie Bones and many others. Wear a costume for a free IZZE. (secret location to be announced on Friday. (I will also twitter the locale) 10pm-4am

IZZE will also sponsor the Annual Brooklyn Kids Halloween Parade. Starting at Cobble Hill Park on Congress and Clinton Streets and ending in Carroll Park on Court and Carroll Streets. 12pm-4pm.

Remember be safe! If you decide to dress like us for Halloween, be a good friend and send in your pic, like our friends below. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!