IZZE goes green at the NEW NY GreenHome ‘Green Streets’ Block Party

October 5, 2010

The NEW New York is GreenHomeNYC’s revolutionary interpretation of the typical New York block party. Street fairs and block parties are an intrinsic part of the New York City summer experience, bringing neighborhoods together, culture to the streets, celebrations and joy to the public spaces of our city. The NEW New York has re-invented this tradition to bring home — right to the front stoop — with ideas for greening our built environment for the residents of the city. IZZE Sparkling Juice was on hand to refresh the crowds and give back to a community that is working to be more conscious of the environment and create a sustainable way of life!

A core component of the event was to use the street-scape and surroundings as a “classroom.” In addition to leaving behind a block transformed with examples of a greener city, such as a newly planted tree, the fair’s events tied into the immediate environs of the neighborhood. The day’s activities were multifaceted, incorporating educational workshops covering a wide array of topics, hands-on demonstrations by exhibitors, and included tours of green buildings, companies, and local natural resources. The interactive booths captivated everyone on the green spectrum from curious to committed, including youth.

The event will take place annually each autumn and occupy one street block. IZZE Sparkling Juice thanks the residents of Carroll Gardens, BK for hosting the first of these amazing events. If you are interested in having the NEW New York GreenHome Block party in your neighborhood please check out http://greenhomenyc.org/the-new-new-york for more information. As always you can follow the IZZE TASTE AGENTS on twitter and IZZE on Facebook to find out what interesting and earth-friendly events we have going on in your area!