IZZE represents the home team at the 'Let's Talk Colorado' Gallery opening on 4/1

April 9, 2008

bartendersresize.jpgWriter: Eileen O’Dowd

Can u say ‘toast of the town’? Well, if that ‘town’ is Colorado than I will certainly say that IZZE Sparkling Beverages were the ‘toast’ at the opening night for the ‘Let’s Talk Colorado Gallery’. The gallery, located at 317 Madison Avenue and 42nd Street is presented by The Colorado Tourism Board and Think PR, was designed to bring the quintessential Colorado experience to New Yorkers. Attendees were whisked away to Colorado via many vibrant photographs that captured the state’s plush scenery and glorious landscapes. Their senses were further titillated when some of Colorado’s finest exports were served, namely IZZE Sparkling Beverages, Boulder Beer and snacks created with Madhava Honey. Almost everyone in attendance took the time to enjoy the awesome IZZE cocktails that were being mixed, especially once they were being poured over refreshing snow-cones! Nikon was on hand to really drive home this interactive gallery’s theme “Who says you can’t move mountains?” by superimposing photographs of guests onto beautiful Colorado backdrops that were then printed onto take-home postcards. If you happen to be in the area, you should absolutely stop in and take in some magnificent Colorado scenery.